Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend in Pune

Over my short over-the-weekend trip to Pune I spotted some pretty flowers and had a few clicks. My (amateurish) hand at photography. Do check them out. Edit after Prashant suggested to classify the flowers.

The picturesque Sunset

Lone Pink flower set aglow

Pink Oleander (Nerium oleander) flower from the oleander family.

The red flower perhaps the wild Ruby Cinquefoil from the rose family.
The tiny Yellow flowers are from the dog flower family and are called Asiatic Witchweed

White flowers (Still not sure of the name)

Edit 1:
Nomenclature courtesy: Flowers of India

PS: Came across a lot of interesting names of flowers; for instance:
Kiss Me Quick
Shaving Brush tree (incidentally the flower does look like a shaving brush!)
Thickhead (not kidding)
Lipstick Tree
Hooker's Woodrose
Farewell to Spring
Autograph Tree
Bladder Dock
Cup Saucer Plant
Devil's Backbone
Foolproof Plant
Badminton Ball Tree
Devil Tree
Bridal Veil ..... and a flower on my name!!!

PPS: Hydrangeas are absolutely breathtaking!


  1. wao its gud!
    in btw how did ya write in the photos?

  2. Picasa's watermark feature :)

  3. nice... but white flowers, pink and
    you could have at least found out their names ;)


  4. lol.. suggestion taken! :P

  5. The first pic is really pretty! And I'm curious: how does a Hooker's Woodrose look like? :)


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