Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just for fun

Since I am totally jobless, here's something to entertain you :P "Inspired" from rach's blog

Would I get away with Murder?

Minimal: You would most likely not get caught, but if you did, it would be due to technological developments arising after the case had gone cold.

what more can I say? *devilish laugh* :P

What would my epitaph say?

What would my obituary say?

What should have been your name?

You are fun and unique.

Your parents should have named you...


How will you be defined in the dictionary?

Gauri --

Tastes like fried chicken
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

What is your rejected horoscope?

Gauri's Rejected Horoscope:

You will find that you have a sixth toe on your right
foot and try to hack it off with a meat cleaver
with deadly results

'What is your rejected horoscope?' at

What would your wanted poster say?

How will you be remembered in history books?

Gauri cured cancer.
... afterward, Gauri tried to get on the price is right and failed.
'How will you be remembered in history books?' at

Lazy days

Do u ever have those lazy days? Ones in which you just hope to sleep for hours and hours at a stretch doing nothing productive nor conclusive. Not Saturdays, nor sleepy Sundays, JUST another day in the week where u lie in to your heart's content. No friends, no phone calls, no family obligations, nor stepping outside the house.

Aaahhhh....bliss! I long for such days where we are at the midst of heap loads of work meeting deadlines, those "ultra-busy" times.
And do what u ask? Nothing at all of course! Stare at the ceiling, yawn, play with a bug, watch TV, yawn some more, fiddle with your phone/i-pod...and sleep :P

I wish someone could pay me to just be lazy like that...i would've done a great job... :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today was one helluva day!
Got up snoozing the alarm so many times that it would've gone into protest!
Before leaving home, I couldn't find the pre-decided attire... rummaging my already messed up closet didn't help, and had to wear the same old re-washed attire. Left home late (no surprises there!).
Started out with the regular hurry-burry to catch the train. I became frustrated. And as I was hurrying, there was a constant pandemonium in my head. I was jotting a mental to- do list of things that-must-be-done-today! Needless to say, the list seemed endless and so had to jot it down on paper; with shaky handwriting while in the transport.
Then already hopelessly late for an 11am seminar at college, i wondered if the delay of the trains would also add insult to injury... trains proved me right...and there was a 15-minute delay! :X
Mounting frustration was now evident on my face now. I now saw the train at a far-away distance and what seemed to me like endless wait.
A pat on my shoulder which would’ve soured my frustration even more, instead shattered it into a million pieces. And my face broke into an awkward smile as I saw my Best friend from school standing beside me. Clich├ęd as it may sound, but I was so happy to meet her after so long!
Although those brief moments constituted a ‘Hi! What are you doing here? How have u been? Take care! I’ll call you soon’ exchange amongst us, it was the highlight of my day! Now I sincerely hoped the train would be as late as it wants to be or better not show up at all!
Next what? The train came, the peak hour rush engulfed me, separating us. I boarded the train, she missed it…. After that the day was as usual around me- the cacophony of the people in the train, reaching college embarrassingly late, delaying of the seminar even more, the seminar turning out to be an utterly non-descript dud, meeting of unpleasant people- yet I was in a pleasant and contended mood throughout without the little worries troubling me too much.

I carried that awkward smile throughout the day! :)
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