Friday, December 5, 2008

Party Story: Three's a Crowd!

I'd like to tell this story, but I can't divulge the characters or their identities.

Let's call it The Party Story! :P
There are three 'parties' here. Party One(P1) is and Party Two(P2) are great friends, have a great rapport for the last few years. P2, have, say fifty members. P1 and P2 have a great time with each other almost every time. P1, a single member, does favors for P2's members quite often than not.

Enter Party Three(P3).
Recently, P3 met P1 and they became best of friends-rather inseparable "friends"!
P2 were feeling slightly neglected due to P1's change of 'heart'; but nevertheless accepted it.
Now, comes the fun part:
This time around P1 has asked a favor, rather major favor, from the members of P2. This favor would be to benefit only P3 and in turn jeopardize P2's comfort.
P2 has to figure out... Yes or No?

What do u think P2 should do???

Find out the rest of the story later when I post it. Till then post in suggestions.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mind's a Mystery!

Its about 1.30 am. Its one of those hours of those times when you ought to have been sleeping like a log but are sitting and are alert as a fox.

I am studying....of course! For an exam which is in a matter of 12 hours.

Even though I am fairly tensed regarding my level of preparation, I can still enjoy typing this post, which gets me figuring. Ain't it weird what one's mind can do even in the strangest of situations, like laughing of madness when you're in such a pressure-cooker-like situation!

Well, I figure one's mind is a mystery of sorts.

And hope to figure out the solutions, only, after my exams.

.......'cause the tension is mounting over me NOW!!! :(


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ab initio: my first post


Actually not quite....I am sitting at my desk; having random thoughts and decided that its high time in need to put them on a blog.

Random thoughts? the daily-quibbling-non-personal-my-perspective... thoughts.

I'll keep it as non-political, non-anti-religious, non-serious as possible!

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