Sunday, January 9, 2011

MBA=Mind your Business Anna

I'm back and unapologetic for my absence from bloggerspace.
Since life during an MBA course is hectic to say the least. And I guess by the end of the course I'll turn into Much Below Average instead of Master of Business Administration.

So when I'm asked the usual questions.....
Friend: Hey, long time no see!
Me: Yeah, good to see you after long. Have some time to catchup?
Friend: Sure, I've got all the time in the world! So what are you doing now-a-days?
Me: I'm doing MBA
Friend: Ooookay. So how is it?
Me: Let's see.... (takes a deep breath)

  • Marketing does not mean a casual trip to the market anymore
  • How much ever I try to avoid, I end up using words like "motivation" for compliment, "disposable income" for pocket money.
  • I demand my raise in pocket money through a PowerPoint Presentation with a SWOT and PEST analysis and state my friend' pocket money variations as 'Competitor Study'

  • When somebody says 'Model', what pops to my head is GE or BCG
  • I've been unofficially banned from mega-marts like Hypercity, Food Bazaar and Big Bazaar as I keep hassling their male customers with questions like "Why haven't you tried fairness creams?" and irritate female customers with "At what distance do you hold your deodorant can from your armpit?"
  • Was appalled to know that one can generate a better revenue by selling cutting chai in a tapri in outside any college/ office as compared to preparing Tea at Taj
  • While eating Vada Pav on roadside, I end up asking the monthly turnover of their stall vis-a-vis McDonald's
  • I am told that a roadside vegetable vendor might make more money in a month without an MBA, than I will with my first ever salary immediately after MBA
  • People selling knick knacks in trains are no more sales persons but ' Budding entrepreneurs from Dharavi' 
  • I day dream about Michael Porter, Philip Kotler and Steve Jobs 
  • My Facebook relationship status reads 'In a Relationship with Marketing'!
Friend: (Staggers to leave) Ohhhkay... nice chatting up with you... gotta rush!
Me: But I thought you said you 'had all the time in the world'!

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