Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kitchen Klutz

The other day 2 of my friends and I went to Mont's home to "work". It was my first time to his place, even though my place is pretty close to his, I've never been to his abode. So there we were sitting in front of his PC and chatting away, and "working". It was well past lunch time i believe and his elder sister who was at home was very kind to serve us some home-made chaat. (mouths' watering?) Now you must understand, when we are hungry we act like a pack of starved hyenas out to get every piece of meat in sight.
And it wasn't any different this time. After the Tang drink was downed in almost no time, the batata-puri chaat was relished in record time that would've given 100m Olympic Champ Usain Bolt a run for his money!
*chuckling* I remember now, my mom used the tell me and -to my sheer embarrassment -to a bunch of unknown relatives of how once when i was about 4, got up early morning, ran off from home (without even brushing my teeth!) to a biscuit-eating competition (parle-G if in case you've been wondering) in my neighbourhood. That too in my petticoat!!! (And I won first place, ofcourse!) :P *reminisces* And so history proves that I've always been a hungry kid and till date a experimental gourmet.
Coming back to our yummy chaat; was sooooo gastronomically and orgasmically delightful that even after a second round we secretly kept wanting more!
Ahhhh....! Better than the street chaat-Yes! I'll proudly say that!

Anywhoo, it was then I'd decided 'I need to replicate this gastronomic wonder!' and so after many weeks it was today that I decided of preparing it. Purchased the ingredients in advance the previous night and was all set.
I woke up this morning early around 7 (ya, that's early for me) to a gushing sound. I went downstairs to check it out and saw the kitchen sink was overflowing with water!!! Arrggggghhhhh... disaster!!! And it was my own doing since I'd left the tap open. Full 2 hours of water! Big deal you say? Not quite. The place I live at gets limited water supply, that too at wee hours in the morning and late evenings. Now since I don't get up early mornings, the evenings take up my time to do the household stuff (washing, dishes, cooking..the works). And so, I see my entire kitchen under water. I worried not, and started to get to work. Since I am an optimist topped with a dollop of opportunist, I started to clean my kitchen with a broom in one hand and detergent in the other. I can proudly say my kitchen is spotless now! :)

Ah.. no water can dampen my culinary spirits! Chaat I will maketh! :P
Now, I am not a novice at cooking. No no no no no NO!(in Russell Peters' lingo) I can cook pretty well, and can boast about certain items of Indian cuisine (mainly). Ask my neighbours if you don't believe me. (YES! They are still very much alive Thankyou! and NO! I did into bribe/plead/torture them in eating/praising food cooked by me). And so I begin with the process.
First potatoes need to be boiled and mashed. No problemo. I place 4 potatoes water in a bowl and turn on the flame to high. Quicker the better.
Few moments later I get a call and then another, so go to my room to talk. A good HALF an hour later, I'm in my room, smell something burning and think 'When will my neighbours cook SOMETHING unburnt?!' to which the light bulb in my brain finally set aglow and i shrieked "F**K!! my POTATOES!!!" I sped downstairs only to find the charcoaled remains of the potatoes stuck to the dish and the latter had turned as synonymous as charcoal. I tried to console myself of the torture i meted upon the multi-eyed vegetable by assuming I was distracted or maybe fainted even.
Hah! now the opportunist in me in action, peeled all the potatoes and mashed them. I didn't notice a difference in taste either!

All set put the rest of the ingredients together and voila! Potato sev chaat ready! Yummmmmmm!

*Wiping a tear* Mom would've been so proud!


  1. I find it hard to believe that you duplicated the "Chatgasm" Khyati Di had prepared!
    i want proof!!

  2. Hay get the proof soon :P

    *keep posting*

  3. @ SibyRulz... yup khyati di's chaat rocked!
    u toh bhukkad :P

    @mahaku ...c'mon over :)

  4. vow, all i get from reading your blog is the exotic smell and heavenly taste of that ambrosia chat. I feel selfish enough to have it without the remaining hyenas.

    Btw u seriously made d chat, i mean is dat pic 4 real or stolen??

  5. @Vintage

    Ofcourse I did! Don't u recognize a culinary masterpiece when u see one? :P

    We missed another hyena :)


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