Monday, February 16, 2009

Food Tag

Since I'm a self-proclaimed connoisseur of cuisines and good food ;P I thought why not made a food tag? I declare it the "IamalwaysHungry" tag or IAAH tag for short. :P
(OK, so I am now a certified jobless person)

Alright, so here's my tag ishstyled by me, ofcourse! ;P
OK, so the tag:


Participants are requested to post the above barcode image to the post when answering to the tag.
Must answer ALL the questions as an impromptu response.
Be Hungry, Stay Hungry
May God help u! :P

1. One dish you can crave for any given time of the day/ night/ situation?

2. One dish you'd never had and would love to regardless of the expense?

3. Most expensive dish you've ever had?

4. Most bizarre dish you've ever seen or tasted? Like totally blown your socks off! Makes you gag every single time your lay your eyes on it. (Hope you've got the point by now :P)

5. Your poison?

6. One a lonely rainy day, your sitting cozily on your sofa, you'd crave for?

7. First forbidden savoury you'd crave for while you've been sick?

8. Your all time favorite TV snack:

9. On your first ever kitchen experience you prepared:

10. After a tiring day at work/ college/shopping/loitering you'd loved to come home to?

11. A cuisine your most comfortable with:

12. A snack which you loved A LOT back when you were a kid and still love it till date?

13. A dish which your mum makes/ used to which you simply adore?

14. What you're eating RIGHT NOW? or had immediately before?

Just when you thought it was all over...
BONUS! (Don't cha love em?) ;)

*15. Your friends are coming over on short notice. You have half an hour. How would save your dignity by being hospitable and feed your friends? (considering you can't take them to a restaurant or call for take out)

I tag:
Rach, Mahak, JoJo Tiffany


  1. ur my alter ego when it cums 2 good food!!
    so cheers 2 our tummy n appetite!!

    bon appetite madame!!

  2. Hahaha I love the idea, it's hilarious!
    And yes, yes, some of the questions I have the answers for but "your poison"? Interesting...
    Can I tag myself? I'm interested.


So, Is your glass half empty or half full? ;)

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