Monday, February 16, 2009

My first Tag (NOT Heuer)

Me first tag... cannot evade rach's tag. :P :D And since I 'm tired of reading my books, and got nothing interesting to do (read lazy). Forgive me if I'm biased towards Hollywood movies..So, here goes nothing!

1- Which was the movie that you had waited for with anticipation and turned out to be an utter dud?

Ahhh... A walk to remember. (OK, romantics don't kill me for this)

2- Which was the one most ridiculously stupid movie you watched in a theatre and then thought that you might as well have thrown that money in a well for all it was worth?

Hmmm.....OK, HAS to be a hindi fillum :P
Paheli... my mum loved it though!

3- If you had to be in a movie or a scene that you would want really really to be something that happened in real life, which would that movie or scene be and which character would you be?

Instinctively, Micheal J. Fox's character from Back to the Future. Sci-fi rocks! :P

4- Write three songs that would tell me what you lovvvvvvvvvve to do in your spare time...

Traveling: 'Yunhi Chala chal rahi' from the Movie: Swades
Gardening: 'Gunguna Rahe Hain Bhavre' from the Movie: Aradhana
Chatting: 'Yeh tumhari meri baatein' from the Movie: Rock On!

5- Name a movie you actually thought was better than the book or atleast did justice to the book...

Agreeing with Rach here.
Harry Potter 1 & 4 :)
Lord of the Rings.

6- You are on a desert island... you found the island genie who granted you on wish that he would bring one person to join you on your exile... You have told the genie who you want that to be... apparently the genie isn't all that magical... he went to get that person and you are waiting for the procrastinating genie to get back with that person... What song do you sing while you wait?

Un-magical genie huh?? (There goes my wish list!)
Bob Sinclair remix- 'World Hold On'
Dido-'I've got sand in my shoes' (Ain't I on an Island?)

7- One song on your IPOD/mobile that was a huge hit a few months/years ago and the radio stations used to play every hour and seem to have forgotten all about now that you tend to listen to often enough

'Forever and For Always' by Shania Twain.

Bonus: Dil Chahta Hai: Title Track

8- One song that reminds you of somebody or a group of people... Do inform why it causes you to reminisce...

'Chhaiyyan Chhaiyyan' from Dil Se... because I danced with my group on that number. (yep! believe ittt!)

9- The one movie you saw most recently and which lived upto all your expectations if not more...

'SAW' .... Wowwie!

10- The one song you have heard atleast twice today... either on the radio or the cell or on TV...

'Haule Haule' from Rab ne Bana di jodi
and 'Massakali' from Delhi 6 :D

Bonus Question: In view of today being Valentine's day... Well it was when I started thinking of this tag, type down song which is meant to be romantic, but the lyrics make you think otherwise (There are a lot of Govinda songs I know, but try to think of a song not many people would know or think of)

Anu Mallick with his impromptu and imprudent stuck-in-your-head-like-a-migraine-song: 'Unchiiiiiiiiii hai building' :P :P

*Phew!* Glad that's over! :P

I tag: Hope Catcher, Siby and Tiffany.

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  1. hee hee.... SO many people liked Paheli!...

    u did a good job for your first tag!!

    keep it up :)


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