Thursday, December 17, 2009

Target Forty

Hey! I'm baaack...

*crickets chirping*

Hello? Anybody miss me???

*crickets disappear*

Well, even if you didn't know, I've been away from blogging for more than two months, and find it as difficult as ever to put together a post. Although there are many thoughts and ideas swimming in my mind at the moment waiting to be turned into masterpieces (modest aren't I?) and grace this very Blogosphere (*rolling eyes*), but I shall post this "random" of a post anyways.

Happy Holidays in advance to all my blog buddies! My only activities in this nippy winter is that like of a mountain bear in hibernation; it seems I spend way more time sleeping than a Mr. Teddy usually does. And I had my birthday last week. There is nothing "fun" about turning a year older and stepping even closer than before to perhaps start the use of Anti-Age Wrinkle cream, but what made it special is that, somehow the people who I wanted to wish me- even though they were thousands of miles away swearing at the bitter cold of winter and cursing the very existence of the month of December- did.

I saw HIMYM last week where it had Marshall Eriksson (one of the lead characters) reading out his things to do before 30 list. And it made me wonder...

And so off late, I've been pondering (pardon the cliche) about what I would see myself fifteen or so years down the line to have accomplished. And so I decided, making no commitments in cement, to make a To-Do Wish List* before I turn forty.

So, here I go:
1. Author a book
(If Stephanie Meyer can get her bestseller storyline in her sleep, I should have been writing sagas by now)

2. Travel to atleast 5 different countries
(Home country and taking a stopover flight does not count)

3. Create a headline/ Be interviewed on TV
(The good and non-scandalous kind)

4. Be fluent in a Foreign Language
(Accented English does not count)

5. Invent something
(A word or phrase...anything, but something!)

6. TRY to enter into the Guinness book of world records
(then again, TRY)

7. Still run this blog
(..And criticize this post and the warmth of the winter that made me write this in the first place)

If I don't make any of them from this list, feel free to mock. (Be nice)

OK, wow, this merry season is getting to me. I've kept this post as raw and unedited as my thoughts (I know its gonna bite me in the a** later)

*No. No. Not THAT list is private.

Cheerio folks!
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2010 in Advance....


  1. champaaaaaaaa........ behenaaaaaaa!! ur first comment! :P

    if anything, @ 40 you're gonna be plain old... and asking me tips on stupid things... and am gonna answer them, each time telling u a li'l secret, and u making me repent it ALWAYS !!

    and u know what... i wouldn't want THAT to change...

    so here's to a wonderful wonderful year ahead, wherein you get into some really sidey MBA college, so that i can mock you, and have a gala time!!

    *am your sis, don't even expect a nice comment from me!! :P*

  2. haahaa...creeek creeek creek,well just a bad imitation of d crickets...
    damn..i it feels to want to write smethng..still having it alluding u...
    i want to write a book too
    :( and travel to different next topic is vaguely abt it...
    welcome back..lets dish out some stuff blogville ppl will remember for ages to come..come on girl1!!

  3. that was a nice list!!!! well, i dunno abt the rest but he way you are going, you can sure make a best seller, although your writers' blocks will be long...

  4. a pretty ambitious list that (n yeah i mean point 7 also)...damn i should have tagged u...would have given u one more topic 2 write about!

    of the list, point num 2 is the one that interests me...but i wanna visit just 2 countries...USA (to go to las vegas) n brazil (to well...hmmm...have a great time) ;)

    wonderful list nevertheless :D

  5. aint i like wen ppl get back frm hibernation!!

    arre i m away frm home nd missed da episode after Slapsgiving-II...gotta see it!!

    yea!!! i am fluent in bengali...also spoken in Bangladesh...does dat count!!

    merry christmas!!

  6. first time here...interesting post for a too back after sum gap...lets exchange, christmas wishes and um,lets learn to stay

  7. wishing u merry christmas and happywala new yr in advance. 15 years mein toh yeh sab ho jaana chahiye....i hope u will continue writing this blog for 15 years...i shall keep a tab on your list then :)

  8. @rach
    badiiiiiiiii behenaaaaaaa!!!
    sob... sob... Meri aakhen bhar aayi!
    Aww.... all these years and still the sarcasm intact! :P

    I hope at 40 ur sarcasm still remains the same! :D

  9. @iceprincess

    cool, u and me write a book AND a research paper... howzzat? :D

  10. @bliss

    Awww... thanks :)

    As long as my paycheck is good, who cares about writer's blocks? :D

    will be coming over to ur blog soon!

  11. @BE

    nice nice Las Vegas and *ahem* Brazil :D

    You should make one list too ya know

  12. @buckingfastard

    watch it man, its legen-wait for it-DARY :D

    if its ur mother tongue then it does not count smartypants! :D

  13. @Diwakar

    Hello and welcome to my blog

    Feel free to comment criticize (be nice) :D

    Merry Christmas to you too and a Happy New year!

  14. @gayathri

    thanks and wishing you a merry christmas and a fantabulous new year ahead, in advance!

    lol, sure i needed someone to keep a tab on me :)

  15. Ah! That was a lovely to do list...

    1)You write well...So you can author a book...
    2)The book will definitely take you places.
    3)It will also result in your getting interviewed on TV.
    4)Well most authors are..aren't they?
    5)We'll find one from your book...
    7) Become a successful author and gal..This blog will run by itself! ;)


  16. Great lesson by Russell Bishop:

    Back in the 1960's and 1970's, I was involved in all manner of protests - civil rights, peace, equal access, etc. One day, on a protest line, I wound up getting hit by a tear gas canister. As I picked it up and started to throw it back, I suddenly, and inexplicably, found myself looking back at myself, as though I were a spectator to my own activity. And then I heard myself screaming, "why don't you a**holes love us?"

    As wave after wave of awareness broke over me, I saw the contradiction of my life to that point: my message was love and peace, and my strategy was to yell, scream and throw things.

    "Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity."


So, Is your glass half empty or half full? ;)

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