Saturday, October 10, 2009

Speaking of a post

Speaking of a post....
I literally have nothing to blog about. My TV is back after a 3 month hiatus. I can't seem to be reading anything, just watching. Hence "exploring" and "learning" about the current affairs. Maybe that's why I can't seem to think- from the vast expanse of the meninges folds and gray matter of my brain-of one decent blog post.

Speaking of decent....
I cannot believe that of all people Rakhi Savant was allowed to take care of a toddler! I pity the toddler who will soon grow up and wonder out loud "Oh Jhejus! Which of these outfits would show more cleavage?!!". She even dressed the boy like a girl, and with MAKEUP while his biological mother was tearing her hair apart. Why couldn't NDTV Imagine just throw the infant to ravenous hyenas? Hyenas would be less brutal. And more eye pleasing!! Wolves even! Mowgli turned out fine.

Jungle Book's beloved character: Mowgli
Speaking of Mowgli....
I don't seem to understand the unnecessary fuss and brouhaha over Bollywood actresses wearing bikinis onscreen. They do it all the time in beauty pageants, fashion shows, casting couches and the like. Hollywood actresses don't make such a fuss to be on Playboy! Grow up! If you have it, flaunt it. Big Deal! (I can sense fervent nods from the Indian male population)

Speaking of Big....
Big Boss season 3 is out. There is a season 3? Arre baba, does ANYONE care?

Speaking of Baba...
Baba Ramdev has been "gifted" a Scottish island. Newspapers say "Baba Ramdev will also teach the people of Scotland how to perform 'Yoga' to make your life better." Yoga is good. Somehow, I just can't imagine the Scotts in their quilts, armed with a pint performing the Halasana. I remember my yoga class back in school. Early morning at 6am, doing yoga....nothing like the Shavasana. Zzzzzz.

  Above : Halasana (Hala= Plough), Below: Shavasana (Shava=corpse) No, the kitty is alive.

Speaking of  Zzzzz.....

Actor Shiney Ahuja is out of jail after being convicted for allegedly raping his maid. Which movie was he in? Did anyone REALLY miss him? Well... apart from his wife. Media, media! Unnecessary attention, I tell you!

Speaking of unnecessary....
President Barrack Obama was honored with the Nobel for Peace. Hmm. Lets see.
Elected this year.
9 months into his presidency.
Did not decline by stating that 'there is a lot that he needs to achieve before he feels worthy of it'
Why, then that's completely justified! Hey, why don't we give Shashi Tharoor one for Literature? OK I better shut up before Mr. Tharoor hurls abuses at me in his tweets.....

Speaking of  tweet...
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson of How I met your Mother fame) on Twitter? Its nice to find celebs on twitter; but I wish there were more politicians than celebs.

Laloo himself with his trademark Kulhad(r).

Imagine if Laloo Prasad Yadav was on twitter. He'd allow you to subscribe to his updates only if you'd buy a yearly supply of kulhad(r)s (earthen pot). Anyhow, I tweeted Barney and he didn't reply back. Bet he realized he's got competition at Awesomeness :D

Speaking of competition....
MLA elections are about to start. And somehow, this time my name IS on the list. My correct and legible name. Unfortunately I've shifted my residence. Full on canvassing even with SMSs being bombarded to me by a certain "English-loving" political party. Although I had no qualms to vote from my old residence but still I was being persuaded to vote from my new one by a pack of power-hungry wannabe "student union".

Speaking of hungry...
I am. I smell cookies. Gkam out.

(Disclaimer 1: The images in this post are under the sole copyright of their owners and I just google them.
Disclaimer 2: I do not intend to hurt sentiments of supporters or crazed fans of the above mentioned by being sarcastic and rude. The purpose of the post is just to tickle the readers' funny bone)


  1. Rumbling Bumbling Stumbling of a post :D

  2. Ha ha ha, fantastic! Neat idea! :)
    That Rakhi Sawant thing has left me in shock too! :( Not because of Rakhi Sawant, but because A. Someone came up with the idea and B. A whole board of people in a network accepted it. I probably need to watch a complete episode first.

  3. Ohh..Random likes :)

    Ur TV is back after 3 mnths!! How did u survive?? And if there was no TV cum there were no new posts?

  4. Ah! This was just too good.
    Lack of TV equals an awesome post...Who knew :)

  5. do dey allow bikini in casting couches.... o_O

    yoohoo...obama fr nobel...that increases chances fr raj thackrey da nxt time!!!

    and Lalu tweeting...that wud be...legen...wait for it....dary!!!

  6. @Kokonad

    I cannot agree more. Like NDTV Imagine has lost its imagination!

  7. @Shanu

    haan yaar, 3 months. I too surprise myself at times.
    Did u read "Let the Festivities begin" post?

  8. @Ashley

    Ashley, you are just too kind! :)
    M glad u enjoyed it.

  9. @BuckingFastard

    Hmm. Yaar, your guess is as good as mine! :D

    Hahhaa... yup, u bet.

    Cool, u a fan of HIMYM?

  10. Heylo! first time here... n already laughing my hed off at the post :P awesome :P loved it!

    Thanks for dropping by on my blog! :) yours looks super. will check it out sometime later.


  11. yea..big time fan of HIMYM re!! downloadin season 5 episode 4 now...dat was screened yesterday...!! and cursing my net speed in return

  12. speaking of a comment...i can't help but tell u how u made randomness look so cool! :D

  13. @IceMaiden

    Welcome to my blog!
    I'm glad u enjoyed the post.

    Keep coming :)

  14. @BuckingFastard

    Awesome! I just saw the episode.
    Yep, my net is also too frustratingly slow! :(

  15. The cookie monster smelled cookies? :D Hmmm... that was a random post... but told in a totally new way!

    Rakhi Sawant shouldn't be allowed to take care of her own kids even! Sheesh! She makes such faces when the baby starts crying. Dunno how Elesh suffers her... God bless him, the poor soul!

  16. @Dhanya

    Choco-chip, couldn't resist :D

    You bet, and their antics should go as "What NOT to do as parents!"

  17. hw did u survive witout TV for 3 whole months????

    o b4 i forget...let me wish u happy diwali and a prosperous new yr

    P.S: jejusssss i like rakhi matter how irritating she is...she is fultoo entertaining...yeah hw on d earth cud d kid's parents hand over d baccha 2 her on nybody 4 tht matter??

  18. Read a nice sarcastic blog after looooong! loved it! Good stuff mate! :)

  19. Nice post..

    The Rakhi sawant show is trashy and should be removed off air..

    How can parents even give theirkids to strangers for money

    Domain registration india

  20. 3 months without TV?? I went nuts for just 1 week... well IPL was going on then and u cant blame me :p. Obama point totally agree, he has just started and nothing major has been done yet to be given a Nobel price.

  21. @Gayathri

    Don't ask, but I might think its a local record eh? :P

    Thank you dear, wishing you the same.

    Sure she is entertaining, I pity Elesh of all people; with her 24X7... too much entertainment may be injurious :P

  22. @Headllesslinestoday aka Mihir

    Welcome to my blog
    Thank u for the kind comment and following my blog :)
    Your blog is too awesome on sarcasm.
    Keep visiting

  23. @workhard

    Hello and welcome to my blog :)

    I can't agree more, but if my knowledge is accurate, those kids' parents are lending them to the show to enjoy a full paid holiday in Goa.

    Keep dropping by :)

  24. @Harini

    Hello and welcome here :)

    Well IPL fever had got to me too way back, but my "experiment" can be substantiated as stating that abstaining from TV every now and then ain't so bad at all :P

    Differs from person to person really... *here i go again with the theories* :P

    Keep dropping by and will drop soon at ur blog :)

  25. lol, loved the way u jumped from one thing to another!

    cool blog! i likesss :)

  26. nice post. Loved the way u linked the subjects. Actually it was NEWS. Big fat news all linked together... Simply amazing.

    and thanks for visting my blog. I hope that you would return soon..

    Chandni :)

  27. @oRange

    Welcome here!

    I'm happy u liked the post, keep coming :)

  28. @Chandni

    Hello and welcome to my blog!

    Thank u so much for ur kind comment..
    I will indeed keep coming back to ur blog and hope u do the same :)


  29. hilarious!!!! with u babe!!!!

  30. heh...lots of them..the randomness..
    will be back..

  31. rakhi sawant always gets my attention :)

  32. @Diwakar
    and keep coming :)

    Lol, modesty ain't her qualities innit?

  33. how come i didn't comment on this earlier?

    haan, i remember... i was hungry too! :P

    whatever, so here is the comment!!

    ciao! ;)


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