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Thursday, December 31, 2015

And the Award goes to....

Another year. Another quagmire of headlines that ruled the roost. Keeping in line with tradition, it is time for me to announce the most deserving of the year!

P.S. These awards cannot be returned! :P

Gkam's Award Ceremony 2015

And the winners are....


#thedress - Colorblind Award

Arvind Kejriwal - Clean 'Sweep' Award 

Indian Cows - Why should 'Gais' have all the fun Award

Twisted it is - Img Souce: beingindian
Indrani Mukherjea - 21st century Draupadi Award

Lenskart & American Swan- Make Hay While the sun shines Award

Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam - The Invincible Indian Award 

Radha on the dance floor,
Radha like to par-tay...
Img source:
Radhe Maa - Bol Radha Bol Award

White and gold ? Or blue and black? Ask around.
Hrithik Roshan - Better late than never Award

Nestle Maggi - In a soup Award

Image source:
Aamir Khan & Kiran Rao - Saare jahan se accha Award

Chennai - The SOS Award

Who's laughing now? Source:
The MahaBattle of Buxar Bihar Award - Shared between Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar

The Black Buck did it! Image Source:
Salman Khan - Biggest Indian release ever Award

Image source:
Charlie Sheen - Two and a half  Three (dreaded) letters Award

Image source:
Facebook - Let's be friends with Ignorant India Award

Tune Mark ke saath selfie nahi liya? Image source:
Chai pe bulaya hai Award and ButFirstLetMeTakeAAcchaSelfie Award- Indian PM Narendra Modi

or because Baahubali sent him Candy Crush requests!? Img Source:
Katappa - Question of the year Award

That's All Folks!
Wishing all a very Happy New Year 2016!

This post is in complete jest and would appreciate the reader would take it lightheartedly and not otherwise.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

And the award goes to....

Thank You Blogadda!

As 2009 comes to an end and the winter of ever sunny Mumbai kicks in, I reflect back into this year on all its events. Although I did not receive any awards in the real sense or on my blog, so I thought 'why not create my own set of awards'. (Its here you say: Aahhh! ) I, Gkam, now present to you:

Gkam's Award Ceremony 2009

Nominations-Shominations! These Winners are above and beyond that....

And the winners are: 

*Drumroll please*

Wordsworth Award: Shashi Tharoor, Deputy Minister for External Affairs

Big Boss Award: S. M. Krishna, Minister for External Affairs

Humble (American) Pie Award: Peace Nobel Winner U. S. President Barack Obama

SEXagenarian of the Year Award: Former Andhra Governer N. D. Tiwari

Quickfire Response Award: Liberhan Report on Babri Masjib Demolition. (Yeah, the "leaked" report is 126MB)

Bharatiya Naari Award: Rakhi Sawant

Little Bo- BEEP Award : Kamal Rashid Khan fondly(!) known as KRK

Tom and Jerry Award : IIM and Prometric

Miss Congeniality: Serena Williams

The Dark Horse Award : Vindu Dara Singh on winning Big Boss 3 and coincidentally also wins Mirror Breaking Material Award!

Best Rendezvous point: Copenhagen, Denmark

Most popularly used four letter word: H1N1

Award for the Most Considerate: Kanye West American Rapper

Aquasure Award: Chandrayaan, India's maiden Moon mission

Sweet 17 Award: Sachin Tendulkar (on completing 17000 runs in ODIs  in 20 years)

Best Employer of the Year Award: Air India

Atithi Devo Bhavaha Award(Guest is God): Australia

Bankrupt Award: Ramalinga Raju

Two to Tango Award: A. R. Rahman on winning both Oscars and Grammy

United we Stand Award: Now, this award will be (un-)evenly divided amongst Telangana, Harit Pradesh, Gorkhaland.

Alive and Kicking Award: BJP; This award will be received by L. K. Advani

'Baby one more time' Award: UPA; isssssskoooo receive karrrrengiiiii Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

Maid-en over Award: Shiney Ahuja

Husband of the Year: Tiger Woods

Golfer of the Year/ Golden Glove: Elin Nordegren

Last but never the least....

Best Actress of the Year: Rohit Verma in Big Boss 3

Best Actor: Terrorist Ajmal Kasab

Now, now, give the winners a big round of applause!

This is my last post for 2009. I wish all my readers a very very Happy New Year 2010!
May happiness and success be all round the year and May your troubles last as long as your resolutions :P

Signing off.
Optimistically yours,

Gkam :)
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