Monday, May 2, 2016

What's in your cup?

Of all the innovative ways of marketing content, there are some that stay in one's memory longer.

To cite an example, I still remember how innovatively a hand sanitizer company advertised their message by tying up with bhel puri wallahs. They served their message in the paper used by bhel puri wallahs which drove home the point of the importance of keeping ones hand clean after eating food.

Such and more innovative means not only effectively drives the message to the end users but also is recalled effectively in the long run. Just like I did :)
Thus it is imperative to break the clutter in marketing your products or services and stand out from the crowd.

Precisely what does!
Through innovative paper cup advertising and flyer advertising they make sure your brand stands out.

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  1. interesting initiative. liked the idea Gauri.. what's in your cup!! good one. thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading


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