Thursday, October 29, 2015

The College Search Engine - Collegedunia

Even before a student enters tenth grade, they are bombarded with a cloudburst of information that is utterly indigestible. Everyone – from a distant uncle, the neighbour, the doodhwala uncle to the rickshawallah guy will pass on unnecessary feedback (direct or indirect) on what course is best, or which college is better. Sometimes, even the best of friends can advise us out of good intention on why one should go for a particular college. But let me tell you, only choosing a college for one’s friends or the distance from one’s home is a seriously fallacious choice.

More importantly, taking such backhanded advice into consideration and being influenced by it can be detrimental while making the right career choice.

Then again, the dearth of knowledge can lead to assumptions taking control of our decisions. A student who has lived all his life Chennai, Tamil Nadu would not be able to know the nitty gritty details of a college that offers a course in BioTechnology in CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.
I graduated from engineering in the year 2009. Let me tell you, there were only a handful of websites back in 2005 where such a gamut of information could be accessed.

This is where websites help students out to become aware and get all the information on their fingertips. However, it is only when such information is segmented and structured systematically and the access is made easy, is when one can actually digest the facts and eventually take decisions. is one such website having a repository of 20,000 colleges across courses from various colleges and universities in India. Students can also keep abreast with various competitive entrance exams, events in the city and college festivals.

What feature I really liked is that one gets to know about all the top colleges and comprehensive information at a glance.

For example: If you need know the top universities in Chennai, you will get details of all the types of universities and can be further refined by streams, fees, duration, course type and more. And each result with have substantial information including the fees, the faculty, the placements and the companies that have provided placements.
(And if Chennai is you choice of study destination, it is a good one. Did you know the average rate of literacy in Chennai is 90.18%, as of 2011 Census?)
You can also stay updated of the various entrance exams for different streams and updates and news if any.
So you are in capital of Tamil Nadu for studies and want to know the various events in Chennai to unwind, you can find out that too. acts like an extensive search engine for a student to narrow down the college of their choice and get all the information. Its website is seamless and easy to navigate as well.
With, arm yourself with knowledge and be better well informed of all the aspects whilst taking a life changing decision. 

Good luck to all students reading this to make a smart career choice!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, though all the views expressed in the post are factually correct and belong to the opinion of the author.

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