Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mumbai Blog-a-toners meet

What do you get when you have 8 complete strangers meeting up having never talked, chatted or seen each other before over a hot tea in humid Mumbai? An awesome time!
4th of July Sunday was the usual lazy Sunday for me. The weather was just right, not too humid not too hot. Initially not to keen to leave the comforts of my abode, I slouched unwillingly out of my couch and left for Prithvi Theatre, Juhu. I've never been to Prithvi Theatre, so it got me wondering 'Are we gonna watch a play?'

Being a Sunday and horrible time for those who wanna travel from Navi Mumbai via the Harbour Line, all thanks to the Mega Block, it wasn't different this time either. So I had to resort to travel via buses. Luck had it in for me as I clamoured into a jam-packed bus and then waited for almost an hour for another bus to reach Juhu, my destination, a good hour later that the 4 pm time.

Unknown territory and with unknown company has its unprecedented-ness and excitement. On the contrary I was greeted as if they'd known me for years. It was a warm tete-a-tete after the typical introductory session round the quaint table at Prithvi Cafe. The Blog Marshall was remembered with PC declaring the agenda. Maverick was surprisingly dressed in formals while Dishit was the smarter one who brought his trusted digicam, one thing which I forgot. Anu, eldest of us all was the most jovial and as was PC plus her blackberry :P Our banter ranged from what got us motivated to write our blogs to traveling to the Prithvi warning bells to Parth's Irish Coffee! None of us can ever forget Parth's visibly livid expression of 'What Bachcha!' :P


And our rendezvous came to a rather cheeky end when we asked one rather famous theatre personality to click our group snap. Neither of us know who exactly he is yet! :P

And so as I reached home, I recalled the surreal experience that I had never met strangers today because we were bonded to each other through a medium of words and a platform called BAT. Guys, it was completely worth the tedious travel and would love to meet you all over again.
Happy Anniversary BAT!


  1. I wish I could be at two places at the same time and also had the money to do that :p
    I am really happy to see all this excitement. Thanks for making this event a success :)

  2. nice one, gauri! love your blog! and maybe next time we should get together and watch a play at prithvi! and maybe we can find out who our photographer was!

  3. awesome... you guys must have had fun :D

  4. Wow..pretty nice post..loved reading and recollecting that lovely time we all had together!

    Btw, can I please have that 'What Bachcha!' pic? Hehe.. :P

  5. aww!! sounds soo winderful!! tru na..we know so much abt each other...but still da basic details like a name and a face to put to that person keeps missing!!

  6. Thanks for coming and travelling all the way. It was awesome meeting you.

  7. awww.. n i missed it.. i had just landed in Mumbai then.. and was too skeptical on making a late appearance..( didn't want to seem all pricey..;))

    next time hopefully!! :)

  8. Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!



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