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Mrs Sharma and her brigade was at the door. As usual.
“He’s so naughty Neeta. Not that I am complaining” she said as matter-of-factly while biting into the sandwich; “He needs to be- you know- taught to behave” She flashed her fake smile at me.

“Look at my children – Simple and Dimpy- So well behaved. No?”
I flashed my fake smile at her. The other day I had seen them sneaking out Mrs. Sharma’s make up and forcefully applying it on their maid’s face. It reminded me of the movie Chalbaaz. Yes the Sridevi one.

Draining her tea, Mr. Varma adjusted herself on our couch and asked “So, your Mister…. Is he not at home?” She asked speculatively. “Today is Sunday- No work No?”

“Well- er- he’s out of town on government work” I gave my well rehearsed reply. “You know the summers are about to start. He’s been asked to help with the Government Project”

“Of course of course. I understand.” She cleared her throat and made a face. She sure masked any signs of "understanding".
“ I just asked because the last time I saw him…” she pretended to mentally calculate and said “… was ten months ago” “Right after you moved in here”

Some of the ladies took a mini gasp at my statement minus the background score of a televised soap. In a town like ours, for a husband to be away from his family was the second most gossiped topic at the kitty party circles, building corridors and playground parks for unemployed wives of rich businessmen.

I sighed. “Yes, but his work is important. You know how government projects are. Er- please have more cake. I baked it” saying that I glanced at my plate to see the leftovers of my son’s birthday cake. I quickly excused myself to refill more potato chips and rushed to the kitchen.

I could still hear the chatter of the ladies and munching of crisps as I absentmindedly filled the bowl with more chips. A sideways glance and I saw my son all tired and angelically curled up in his bed still having his brand new sneakers on him clutching his brand new Iron Man figurine.

Banter in the family room ceased after the neighbours had left. I started to clean up and then-
“You sure know how to make an entry” I said.

“Well. Its my son’s birthday. I wouldn’t miss it for all the stars in the galaxy.” He said while climbing through the window.

“Well then you should have been there to help me field the questions. You heard them-“ And unconsciously I had started to well up. He noticed this and in a flash he was right beside me.

“I know my dear. I cannot apologise enough. It is- difficult – for me. You do understand don’t you? See, I have got something for you”

I turned to him and a shining stone gleamed out of his hand. It shone with such a gleam that I could not be angry at him for long. It was beautiful. Just like him.

I sniffed. “Ah! All the sacrifices I need to make while being married to a super human” I mocked lovingly at him.

He chuckled. “Being hidden from the eyes of world is easy. But being hidden from you….I cannot even think of it”

While his cape billowed in the cool night breeze, I forgot all my worries and the surrealism of it in his sweet embrace.


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  1. Whoa! Sahi post!

    How I wish I had superman as my bf!

  2. fluid and simple and wonderfully woven...without going overboard.
    Quite liked it.

  3. haha!! ROFL!! luvd da fact dat u gav no hint of the twist thruout the post!! and suddenly widout much drama made da facts clear!!!

    luks like somebody is having fantasies!! :O

  4. Okay, your clock is soo irritating... I stared at the Clock more than I stared at the Post...and when I finally concentrated, I found the post actually to be a Nice one! Simple but unusual...

    All the best! :)

  5. Glass is more than half full ;) !
    Lovely take on Hidden-and a nice twist to bring up the ending.

  6. to put it plain and simple - I ENJOYED IT!

  7. wonderful! love your style of writing .. very fluid... thoroughly enjoyable..

  8. A simple and a nice story .. Written well . Fantasy, suspense , emotions and all related to the theme too.
    Nice job

  9. Interesting concept.Nicely written.

  10. Very well written. Nice twist at the end. All the best for bATON 11.

  11. Hey good one..liked the flow

  12. Enjoyed reading it. Simple. Crispy!

    All the best for BAT!


  13. hhehehe a superhuman husband... now thats a cool idea :D
    lovely story :D

  14. wow...never thought it that way.
    What a twist.....i guess no one has guessed it...
    nice idea...
    so apt to the title......

  15. I'd like to have someone superman of a husband...lols...:)

    It was an interesting story, but I hate the thought why he should hide from everyone, or guess I did not get what is the story about!

    But altogether a wonderful take on the prompt!

  16. boss...lovely!!! too good...:D

  17. AWESOME...could have never guessed that...was thinking more on the lines of an extra-marital affair!

  18. Generally I don't comment on BAT posts. I simply like reading them. But your post is simply wonderful. And my mom says, always stop and voice your appreciations when you see something good.

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

  19. Hey thats a very different take on the theme... havent cone across such a humorous post in this blog-a-ton editin.. Lovely.. All the best for the bat..:)

  20. Wow!! This post brought a smile!!
    What a unique thought!! Loved it!
    All the very best for BAT-11!
    Cheers :)

  21. @shanu: i too wish that. if only...
    @gyanban: thank you :)
    @buckingfastard: I'm glad that amused you. Fantasies... moi? ;) I think a little hangover from watching Iron Man 2 :D
    @The Guy: Staring contest with my clock? :D Thanks

  22. @ritu: :)
    @brijender: thanks!
    @kattankapi: I'm glad u did :)
    @magiceye: thanx
    @Tuppence: tyvm

  23. @the fool,
    Virgin Author!,
    Priyanka M.,
    Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe

    A big thanks for the appreciations ATB for Batom 11 :)

  24. @Amity

    The general notion observed with superheroes is that their families shouldn't become vulnerable to their enemies. Hence, he has to be hidden unassociated from his family.

  25. @BE Hahaha I thought most would get such a drift :)

    @sushoban roy, Shilpa garg, pramathesh

    Thanks very much and all the best for BATOM 11 :)

  26. the twist to the tale, soo nice!! captivating.. really nice read,.. n well captured "hidden"

  27. 才華在逆境中展現,在順境中被掩藏。..................................................

  28. just like everyone else,i thought about something like an extra marital affair too. or even worse, something more like a dead husband that this lady hadnt told her kids about for their own sake, u know, (like that movie sajan bina suhagan) but this was some twist. and i daresay, it was a nice one at that!!!

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