Friday, September 4, 2009

Sweet Agony

She looked at the ceiling and closed her eyes. It was the only comfort she sought.
She couldn’t take it anymore.

She grabbed the bedspread harder and tugged it. She had to stop it, but how?

She couldn’t. Not yet. It wasn’t time.
She would know when it was time.

But the pain…the agonizing pain...

She then saw his handsome sweaty face. He held her hand.
She let him.

He leaned to kiss her.
She turned her face away.

She didn’t know what to think.
Pain tortured her body. But his face brought back memories.
Sweet memories; didn’t alleviate her from suffering.

She had to be strong. No matter what.

He had given her this pain. Of the sweet agony with him that made her suffer.
Why now? She wondered.

He held her hand tighter.

Sweat beads shone over her forehead glistening in the light.

She bit her lip and turned to face him again. He was smiling. The same smile that made her fall in love with him all again.

Her body contorted with every ache. Numbness set in.

She had enough. It was time.

She let go with all the force she could muster. Her lip bled.

And then it was all over.

A sound she was longing for filled the room. It was melodious as ever. She could feel her body again.

“Here you go Mrs. Smith, It’s a boy!” said the doctor.

She held her baby in her arms and cried. She was a mother now. And nothing- not even the excruciating pain- mattered now. It was all worth it.

She looked lovingly at her bundle of joy. Her own blood, flesh and bone. Their eyes met.

He smiled. Just like his father did.

(PS: My first time in such a mode of writing. Need honest advice/suggestions/brickbats/rotten andaa-tamatar in comments section please :D )


  1. My My... Kudos for the brilliant effort...Tht was good... evn thought the ending was predictable..:) U did well :D

  2. Seems Like I was the first... n the second comment by me too.. so.. lets settle on sumthing.. send me some wood n stones in country story n u get ***** on this post by me ;)

  3. Sahi hai ji...gr8 comeback frm the long writers block!

  4. @Lakshmi
    thanks, i tried. :)

    @Lakshmi again
    ahhha dealing eh? ;)

    thankuji :D

  5. very very impressive...i always wondered why wasn't an easier way devised 4 childbirth...but then i guess the pain is what brings the d mom n child so close

    i liked it! :D

  6. damn..that was awesome...
    the way u write it made me relate to every single line..even though i havent undergone labour yet...
    damn..i can so well..

  7. Very beautifully written!! blogrolling ya!

  8. @ BE
    Thanks m8!
    If u find an easier way, drop in a comment will ya? :P

    thnks! your comment made my day :)


  9. So well written. Brilliant stuff, Gkam. You surely have it in you to write!

  10. that was sth.... u did a great job man. that was amazing!

  11. it was too good yaar...a beautiful way of presenting such a sensitive and tender topic...loved it every bit!

  12. @Parry
    Thanks man!

    Keep coming :)

    I try :) thnx.

  13. Ya it feels so gud to have a baby t home...hmmm recently a baby came in our family n all f us douse him with love...take cre dear..keep posting :)

  14. they could have grown on trees :P

    or they could have have been custom-made in factories :P

    now don't tell me that wont be easier!!!

  15. @HappyBirdie

    that's wonderful.
    although there hasn't been a birth in the family of-late, i just felt like posting this when busy pondering.

    welcome to my blog
    keep visiting.

  16. @BE

    yeah mate u can say THAT again!!

    sure would've been hell easier!

    storks, off the cargo whatever! :P

    i guess for women God believes in the policy: No pain, No gain!


  17. nicely done
    all the emotions, the expressions very nicely done


    -a chance visitor


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