Monday, September 28, 2009

Let the Festivities begin....

Hey All!

Firstly, Happy Dusshera/ Vijayadashami to all of you!

Image courtesy geet_kunal

The victory of Lord Rama over Ravana; Victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura.

I just got to know what all of the10 heads of Ravana signify:
(1) Kama vasana (Lust),
(2) Krodha (Anger),
(3) Moha (Delusion),
(4) Lobha (Greed),
(5) Mada (Over Pride),
(6) Matsara (Jealousy),
(7) Manas (Mind),
(8) Buddhi (Intellect),
(9) Chitta (will) and
(10) Ahankara (Ego).
Talk about split-personalities! What will I do without you Wiki? :D

So Time to Celebrate! Stuff yourselves with all the fafda and jalebi and cham-cham and rosogulla and sandesh and... and...and......
*mouth waters* (OK. Gkam. Focus now. No drool on the keyboard. Focus!)
*ahem* can lay your hands on...

So you see, THIS is my favorite time of the year... So many festivals! So much fun. So much food! Yummy!....I mean....Yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Not to mention the shopping sales, parties, weddings, buffet.....(Oh STOP it Already!!)...and brand-new-designer-outfits-no-longer-fit....

Oh boy, I can't wait for Diwali.!!! :) :) :)
Halloween! (OK, I don't celebrate it, but I like the idea....Trick or Treat anyone?)
And Christmas and then New Year!!

Oh, the year just ended. Yikes.*Gulp*

I gotta lie down. :|

Erm, Enjoy!! :)

P.S. I got issues with "Time Flying" and "Not Studying". Yeah, I'm the love child of Procrastination and Indolence!

P.P.S. I would have posted this earlier yesterday had my internet connection not thrown a fit. Getting too cranky after 18 hours.. Ho-Hum!


  1. U made my mouth water too...But the calories...OMG... well.. Who gives a damn bout how I look???

    N thts for the piece of info.. I din knw tht...the 10 heads of Ravan...

    Do hope u had fun!!!

  2. The post was long overdue Miss... btb, I jus spotted music here... cool... :D

  3. @Lakshmi
    Calories? What are those?

    @Lakshmi again
    I know dear,
    besides u like what u hear?
    I've put only piano tracks from Twilight.

  4. wow...I did not know about the 10 head significance thing! Nice post and awesome blog...keep writing!

    Happy Dussehra! :)

  5. @antisensestrand

    welcome to my blog

    thanks for dropping by, keep coming.. :)

  6. Yeah.. its good... the music :) Came back to listen once again n tel u this.. :D

  7. @Lakshmi

    so sweet of u! :)
    if you want i could send u the mp3

  8. Hope you had a rocking time! :)

  9. @Dhanya

    Welcome to my blog!

    It was fun indeed :)

  10. oh i didn't know i had missed out ur post!

    didn't know that ravana's heads had such meanings! thanx 4 enlightening :D

    belated Dusshera wishes :D


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