Sunday, July 19, 2009

You know you are in Engineering....

My four years at engineering took alot of hard work(puh-leez!), dedication(yeah! right!! *rolls eyes*) and commitment (AHAHAHA!).
So here goes the routine.-> Enjoy!


1. The local xerox-wallah and Google search engine become your life savers at the last moment study routine
2. When you become a call centre executive on the eve of a major exam, answering to hassled and traumatized peers
3. When you turn into a CIA agent hunting for every note(s) visible and Xerox them all, only to end up with 5 sets of the same notes!
4. Where phrases like “dimag ka short ho gaya yaar!”, “jherroxx kar lena”, “abbey, “proxy maara kya?”, “chalta hai na”, “kuch nahi pada yaaaaarrrrr”, “array, JHOL ho gaya yaar!” are the lingo generated especially during the Preparatory leave (PL)
5. When you confess on your “haaalat” of too-much-portion-too-little-time to your confidante when you’ve already revised the syllabus ;)
6. When you work more on your final semester project than any other assignment in your 4 years of engineering


7. Where your local SST hangout is the anna’s canteen or tapri outside college
8. Where cries of “baaatermelaaaaannnnnnnn jooooooozzzz” “vhegg cheeeeeeeejjjjjjjj tosttt” are alluring to your ears and fulfill your daily dietary requirements
9. When opening of 'dabba' at 8.05 am is having breakfast and is natural even when the first lecture/practical of the day is going on amidst professors.


10. Where your CR is the most dependable person; who can even convince your professor to cancel/ postpone his/her lecture for weeks to come


11. When night-outs in college labs are not just….er…. for completing project work ;)
12. When you realize the importance of hidden files and folders in Windows and root directory in Linux :D
13.When you rather stay up all night discussing “tactics” for the Java practical than studying for it
14.When you complete your journals whenever and wherever feasible as if your life depends on it
15. When you have backup of backup of backup plan(s) even when SOME moron gets a CD written of answers during final exam dry lab practicals
16. When the Alt+F4 combination saves you from getting your ass whipped when playing Slayers and Mob Wars on FB :P
17. When you know the college network administrator’s password better than you know your own e-mail’s
18. When you value MS Word's auto-save feature when completing an assignment /project due next day and power-cuts have no mercy


19. Where even the students who have left the college clear the attendance cut-off percentage even before you do
20. When you spend more hours on traveling to college than on attending lectures
21. When you attend college ONLY to either pay fees/ attendance defaulter’s fine or get notes or claim your hall ticket


22. When coming to college at 8.30am for an 8.00am lecture is “thoda late” but 8.35am is “kitna late yaaaaarrrrr!!!”

23. When you frantically chat up a “new admission” in the corridor, only to realize that they’ve been in your class for the past four semesters :O

GTalk + Facebook

24. When you are “busy” on GTalk/Facebook, doing nothing
25. When you are “Not at my desk” on GTalk, you are playing games on facebook
26. Your idea of 'multi-tasking' is chatting simultaneously in multiple GTalk/Facebook chat windows


27. When you hunt for e-books and print them rather than stepping inside the library to issue the same for free
28. When “Research” to you is limited to the first 10 hits of Google search to your query
29. When you consider the Handwritten notes of professors as the Bible while research papers are sedatives in paper form.
30. The only time you step inside the library is to get Xeroxes from the xerox-wallah
31. Even if you manage to get further than the Xerox-wallah inside the depths of the library, (G-E-E-K!)you meet the librarian who acts no less than a prison guard guarding the pile of books
32. To ask the librarian to lend u a reference copy (OK, my life depends on that book now!) is equivalent to engaging in mortal combat with her, and you DEFINITELY get KO-ed!

I would like to dedicate this post ESPECIALLY to my wonderful BBI batch of 2009 pals:
Amu (woman, you’ve been there through my mood swings, frantic notes collection, et. Al. Thank you for being there for me all these four years!)
•My project gang… the four of us, who ALWAYS stuck as a team: Vidzy, Kanni and Monts.
Vicco (Just chatting away at late nights; anything under the sun and transmitting loads of *ahem* information :P)
Shaily, my sweet friend and support who’s always been a dear friend throughout the 4 years.
Last but never the least,
Raniji who was the life saver of our class, on whom each and every BBI-ite depended on him for something or the other, and never failing on patience. Cheers man! And you \m/

Also like to give a call out to Dhruti, Sangya, Mahak, Shiny, Anindita, Saumya, Sindhu, Sneha, Rucha, Anish, Shibboo, Nutty, Anks, Manni, Shruti, Sunil who've helped me in one way or the other.

Glad i am done with engineering!
Peace out! :D


  1. I loved every single word :)

    *I'm gonaa miss you guys a lot

  2. aww sweetie, m gonna miss u too!


  3. Wow. I'm going to step into engineering this year.
    I shall treat this post as a guide for future reference to see if I'm doing it right or not. So that it gets me back to the 'correct' path if I tend to go wrong. :P

  4. Congrats Bio-informatist!!! Welcome to the world of (jobless) Life scientists... Unless u ve already got placed... in tht case I take tht back... And awesome post... liked it a lot.. :)

  5. @Jyoti
    Go into the light my child

    May the force be with you...

    Lol :P


  6. @ Lakshmi

    hahhaa, so true; been lucky i guess.

    m glad u like the post. :)

  7. hehehe.... loved ur post!

    although u should have mentioned other *ahem* noble souls... who helped you through those torturous nights, listening to your scrambles on Gtalk!! (need, any more hints?!!) :P


    Cheers :)

  8. finally realised... THE 4 years hav ended now...after reading this.
    great job...
    not really goin to miss u coz we'll always stay in touch.
    but ya.. definetely gona miss BBI.

  9. LOl..loved it loved it loved it!!

  10. @Rach


    scrambles eh?
    somebody ain't getting no comments on their blog next time!
    i wonder who....


  11. @kanni

    yay! dear u've made me sooooooooo happy by commenting!

    thank u!

    yes! i too will stay in touch with u dear... :)

  12. @shanu

    thank u! thank u! thank u! :)

  13. hey loved it!!!!im gona miss this college and class for every reason mentioned n a lot more!!!!miss u guys :)

  14. oh dude.........oh so sry:) but really man good job yar.........u managed to highlight all our 4 years yar........well only thing i would like to say is u ROCK :)

  15. @nutty

    thank u for commenting :)

    m gonna miss u guys too...


    man am i happy that u commented!
    aww! thanks dude!

    u rock too! \m/

  16. Hey, great post. So I see you have evolved wonderfully well as a blogger.

    Btw im sad i did not c my name in your "gratitute list" !!

  17. hey dear it is such a wonderful post, will cherish it for lifetime....Couldnt realise that the 4 yrs of our lives would be so great...i'll miss u guys!!! BBI rocks:)

  18. @vintage
    thank u so much!:)

    vinay=vinatge=VICCO !!!


    thank u dear, yup BBI rocks!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Gauri!!muaahhh.....muuaahhhh....mmuuuaahhhh
    :******(cudnt really resist doing this..;D :p)

    Me 2 luv ya n miss ya all :'(
    keep in touch...all the best for the lyf ahead B-)
    keep enjoin n

    (P.S-sorry 4 d delayed comment but unfotunately i jsssssssssssst got time to read this "One of the Best Notes Ive Ever Read":))))))) )

  21. :)
    it isnt just engineering..u just described most of our college lives....
    i had a smile all through as i was reading this....
    thank u...

  22. Good engineer friends can easily relate to it.

  23. @vidzy

    mah daahhlling! lv u too babes! gonna miss ya! ;(
    keep in touch :)

    awww... :)
    yes, it is. isn't it?

    thnx! :)

  24. Funny..
    Brought back memories..
    You just finished one of the best times of your life :)

  25. Kidhar new posts? Sab thik thak na?

  26. hahhaha...i did not do my engineering but then i have seen my brother through all this...its heaven and hell combo...loved this completely!

  27. @Brown Phantom

    Oh year, memorable times... :)


    Dahling, m concocting one soon! :D
    sab theek re, just busy with work.

    luvd the metaphor: heaven and hell combo!
    its true! :P

  28. lol...that's so freaking true...u sure did summarize the college life of an entire geneartion in that post!

    i could identify with every single point (n i mean it...EVERY SINGLE POINT!) u got a bechara guy really nostalgic about his college days...sigh! :(

    neat blog :D

  29. Cmon now..get over your writers block!

  30. @blunt edges
    awwie! thanks mate ;)

    *sigh* yes

  31. remembered my college days :)
    good post.


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