Monday, July 13, 2009

Fantastic Four

Curdrice aka KarSub has tagged moi.
Without further adieu, I shall torture entertain thee!

Four places that I have lived in

Mumbai, Navi Mumbai (Its different from the former, Mind Ittt!), Indore, Bangalore

Four TV Shows I love to watch

House M.D. :...."Theme Music.".. from Teardrop by Massive Attack
The Little Lulu Show: "...always in and outta trouble, but mostly always in!..."
F.R.I.E.N.D.S :"....i'll be there for you oooooooooo...."
How I Met Your Mother: "..dhan dhan papa pa pa pa..."

Four places I have been on vacation

Goa: Is like my second home
Singapore: Although been there once, would love to visit again
Japan: Moshi moshi! Hajimemashite. Doozo yoroshiku.
My couch: I [heart] my couch, sweet slumber!

Four favorite food items

Missal pav: Give it to me anytime of the day, I'll ravish it!
Coriander Chutney Sandwich: Made by my mum ONLY!
Phanna Dalithoy(Tadka Dal): All u konkanis out there will get what I mean.... :D
Chicken Biryani: Lucky's Bandra wallah :P

(I'm salivating already....)

Four Websites I visit daily

Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro

Four places I’d rather be

Harvard University, USA
Fine dining with Brad Pitt (after unceremoniously kicking Angelina Jolie out), George Clooney and Richard Gere
Inside Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
In a daily comic

Four things I hope to do before I die

Fly a helicopter over the Australian coast
Ride a Double-Decker bus
Eat ice cream at the Antarctic
Meet a person who's name starts with a !

Four novels I wish I was reading for the first time

Calvin and Hobbes Comics
Rage of Angels
Harry Potter series
Yes Minister

Four movies I can watch over and over again

Liar Liar: Jim-Carey-is-the-BEST!
Home Alone 1: Love it!
Beauty & The Beast: Disney's finest...
An Officer and A Gentleman: utterly romantic

Four people I want to tag

(cracking knuckles)

And behind Door number One
Door number Two
Door number Three
Door number Four

(mirthful laughter) :D


  1. U tagged me... well I giv a damn.. but the link says such a blog does not exist...OH MY GOD!!! like Janice puts it...

  2. Done Donna Done!


    html mistake :D

  3. N its my first tag.. so u deserve a hug.. Thank You...:)

  4. Thanks for the tag. Yeah I am weird. I was waiting for some1 to tag me!! 2 months old on blogosphere and yet no tags..was quite ashamed of my no taggyness..but thanks to u..abhi main apna sar uncha utha sakti hoon!

    And btw i totally get wat u mean when u talk abt dalithoy with hot ghee rice..yummm!

  5. @ Shanu


    hi five!! (pool of droool...)
    gimme dalithoy and steaming rice and brad pitt can take a HIKE!


  6. Seriously? Dalithoy over Brad Pitt?? Nahi re..Brad Pitt eating dalithoy rice with me..thatz more like it :) (Yeah i want my cake and wanna eat it too!)

  7. hahha!

    yep, that's more like it! :D


  8. har har har!
    Tagzie victim! me too brutus! at the hands of Curdrice Masta :D

    LoL @ Fantastic Four! \m/

  9. Eat Ice cream in Antarctica! :D

    And meet someone who's name starts with a !
    You mean like.. !xobile

    Hail Russell Peters. and you. ;)

  10. @DPhatsez



    hehehee, u too a russel peters fan??? :D

    yup, sumthin like !xobile :P

  11. Done!

    p.s - The Little Lulu show?????????!!!


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