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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Things I'm glad I did not do in 2014

21 Things I’m glad I did not do in 2014. 

So here's the list, I'm glad I didn't:

      21.      Retire from testing times. Captain cool MS Dhoni did. It's Mahi Way or the highway.
source: quickmeme

20.      Create a phone the size of your face and make you pay 2 kidneys for it. Apple did.

19.      Show cleavage and then ‘cover’ it up. Deepika Padukone did. 

18.      Make a fool of a billion people. Flipkart did.

17.      Call Prithviraj Chavan the President of India. Alia did. (And became the Bhatt of jokes)

16.      Ship Vim bars to a customer who purchased a mobile phone. Snapdeal did. (BTW Good move HUL)

15.      Make an ugly mess with Ness. Preity did.

14.      Film and release the movie ‘Humshakals’. I’m still wondering what made Sajid Khan do it.

13.      Break a 14 year old relationship. Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan did.

12.  Pack off a state government in 49 days. AAP ke Arvind Kejriwal did. (A bird in hand is better than two in the bush.)

11.  Break the internet. Kim Kardashian’s (not so little) derriere did. ;)

10.  Come out of the closet. Tim Cook did. 

 9.  Bite somebody. Suarez did. (*chomp*)


 8.  Land a rover on Mars on its maiden voyage in fraction of the comparative cost. ISRO did. 

Arnab with Martian panel. Source:

 7.  Scare people shitless. Ebola did.
source: linksservice

 6.  Leave us depressed remembering him. Robin Williams did. (To quote Billy Crystal, ‘He was the brightest star in our comedy galaxy.’ Truly.)

 5.  Leave us soaking wet and cold. ALS' Ice Bucket Challenge did.


 4.  Know who Kailash Satyarthi is. Nobel Committee did. (Ironically, we all knew who Pakistani Malala Yosufzai was.)
source: echeion

 3.  Vote for independence. Scotland didn't do it either.


 2.  Question our faith and make you and me helpless in search for an answer. ISIS in Peshawar and MH370 in Malaysia did.

 1.  Delete my blog forever. In fact revived it in 2014. And perhaps never will.

They did it, and they did it best. With that I wish all my readers, onlookers, trollers, a very 

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