Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hurr Hurr Hurr!!! - The BNLF Fever

It has been two months since BNLF and I can't stop reminiscing those two days. (Pardon the waaaaaaay delayed post, just couldn't finish it. But hey better late than never no?)

Blog Now Live Forever being the anthem and the spirit of the meet hosted by the pioneering of Indian Bloggers' Community - and the very energetic and charged bloggers from far and wide.
The two day meet - 31st October and 1st November 2015 - held at The Lalit hotel in Mumbai, was nothing short of a revelation.

October 31, 2015
Standing in queue waiting to enter flight BNLF.

Within minutes amidst the buzz of conversations online and offline among bloggers, BNLF hashtag had started to trend on Twitter! Kickstart to the morning.

The IndiBand Blunder In the Code set the stage on fire while belting out some solid all time hits to rouse each of the 600+ bloggers at the venue.

Enter Mrs Funnybong - Purba Ray
The show began with Purba Ray taking the stage introduced by her close blogger buddy Vinita Bahl aka BlogwatiG. Draped in a sari, she started out by talking on how she should've stuck to wearing leather pants. The hilarity ensued when she spoke on the beef debacle by commenting 'Why should gaais (cows) have all the fun?'

To be very frank I had not heard of her name nor her blog before knowing that she'll be delivering the keynote at the BNLF. But I truly found her to be as a-musing as her blog.

Next up was Arnab Ray - the great bong
Again I was not aware that Arnab Ray was the chief architect behind the Mithun Madness even though I follow his +greatbong tweets on twitter. Pardon my ignorance!

Arnab delivered his keynote on the aspect of creative writing and shared his journey from owning a undiscovered blog to one of the most read blogsposts on the internet. Also having written multiple books. All thanks to his Prabhuji.

This was followed by a quick tea break.

Next up was Christoph Trappe for his keynote on the importance of Authentic Storytelling for bloggers and businesses.

His keynote was a precursor to his training the next day on Authentic Storytelling. What I especially liked apart from his keynote, was him acknowledging almost every tweet about him or addressed to him. Very few top influencers do that.

Anshul Tiwari was next up on-stage and I heaved a sigh of relief that I had witnessed him at Indiblogger & BigRock's WordUp meet back in 2014 and was known to me. I was yet again thoroughly mesmerized by his talk where his movement Youth Ki Awaaz was a living example on the power of blogging. Public Opinion is indeed the next superpower - his talk resonated with the audiences views. Anshul also shared a surprising fact that YKA did not do advertising, but yet is sustaining throughout the years.

Lunch followed with passable desserts (the food blogger in me could not resist from commenting on the food).
But the true dessert was Kanan Gill :)
Again I felt like I've been living under a rock all this while since I had no idea who he was, only did the welcome screams grow louder (and asking my neighbour) is when I realized that he's a popular YouTube star.
So this funny guy who was out to deliver his keynote on content in videos ended up with his journey on how he ended up making really really funny videos by discovering his passion. He illustrated his journey through a series of his actual diary entries! His talk was a laugh riot!

Jeff Bullas, the leading content marketer from down under.

The session by Preeti Shenoy on her journey from a blogger to a best-selling author was perhaps a dream come true for most bloggers who want to become a rockstar author.

The last and definitely not the least session was of Bruce "The Air Raid Siren" Dickinson. The much much awaited session for Iron Maiden fans. Now, frankly I'm not a Maiden fan - I've heard a couple of songs and all - and nor do I follow his pursuits. So my enthusiasm was understandably dim.

But post his session, I realised that the man is pure genius. Simple and effective strategy: 0 + 0 = 1 
That was his magic, behind being an entrepreneur, to a pilot and a brewer. All in one!

Bruce Dickinson with his 'Smartphone' - Keeping it simple.

Explaining how the idea of a beer came about.

November 1, 2015

Day 2 of the BNLF ushered in a new learning experience for me. We had two in-depth training workshops by Christoph Trappe and then by Jeff Bullas.

 Chirstoph started with his breakout training on Six Steps to Stop Traditional Marketing and Start Authentic Blogging.
Christoph Trappe at his Authentic Blogging workshop
 After which was lunch. We were also treated to a MasterClass on Gourmet Italian cuisine. Check out the post here.

And after that was Jeff Bullas' training on 7 steps to Blogging Mastery.

Jeff Bullas at his training session
  On attending both sessions, we were promised to be certified from the newly to-be-launched IndiBlogger's Blogging Academy - WeBlog Academy!
The IB core team that made #BNLF happen

After all of that, 2 months on I can still recall the finer aspects of BNLF. It was indeed an enriching experience and hope to put in the inputs into my blogging and overall life goals.

Thank you IndiBlogger!

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