Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh so gorgeous!

Amongst the uncountable number of quizzes, is one such quiz on Facebook called the 'What's Wrong With You?" quiz.
The quizzes i am *ahem* requested to take have vague and simbly stoopid :P results.
But, this one took the cake!

Check it out:

Gauri took the What's Wrong With You? quiz.
Gauri took the What's Wrong With You? quiz and the result is Too Attractive.
Your extreme level of hotness is distracting and offensive to everyone.

(That's not it.... read ahead...)

Seriously. You're so hot that it makes your friends vomit out of jealousy and strangers drool out of animal lust. Invest in some burlap sacks before everyone you know turns into drooling, vomity messes. Or maybe just invest in some mops.

And don't forget to thank your mom and dad for making you so gorgeous. They did good.

Thanks mom and dad! :P


  1. What's the height of absurdity? :)

  2. @DPhat: aahh, i wish i knew. or moreover the author of the quiz!
    @ Bullshee: How can u even doubt the genuinety of FB quizzes? :P

  3. whoa.... me too got the same result... guess it's just the Kamath genes ;)

    but seriously, any retard can get up and make a quiz on FB... it's so stupid, it's actually funny!!

    anyways, doesn't matter as long as we are pretty, watsay?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Is that so????

    How you doin'?? a la Joey!

  6. ha ha..
    i take those quizes just for the funny answers it give..
    i once took "when will u die" quiz n found out that im already dead :D

  7. @Rach: oh yea! we so gorgeous!! :P
    @Bullshee: "Hi, my name is Regina Philangee" ala Phoebe :D
    @Amal: i've taken one of those.
    mine said 2009 june! :O :P

  8. Wow, I've started dreaming about you, already :-P

  9. FB quiz are a rage these days.. But your results sound promising ;)..
    One of the quiz warned me against being too optimistic though..

  10. haaahaaa
    i sure wanna take this quiz....

    wuaaaccckkkkkk(thats me puking!!)

  11. I tried testing my IQ in one of those sites and before the results came I think the site crashed :D :P I feel that their server must have breached the upper thresh hold limit for the IQ rating :D :D

  12. @parry
    dream on! :P

    oh yea, they're purrfect 4 jobless people like me! :P
    u should try the "How skeptic are you?" quiz.

    :P what was the outcome?

    my my, aren't we humble?

    @all above
    welcome to my blog! :)

  13. Not everyday that a "Too gorgeous" visitor drops onto my blog.

    Love your writing style. I'll keep coming back. Just you watch!

  14. Aahahhaa! Yeah, Facebook quiz results are ABSURD. Totally!

  15. Hi.... nice one :) Rnt u my fb friend??? my RC and PS play mate??? glad to c ya here...

  16. U got a follower here Miss Gkam :) n good to knw we hav so much in common...

  17. @KarSub
    hehe :)
    *blushes* lol
    thank you for the appreciation!
    keep coming :D

    temme abt it!! i hav dedicated a post to it ;)

    hey playmate :D
    oh yea, same pinch :P

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Now I have to see you!!

  20. Btw is ur name Gauri? And u a kamath??

    Well well well...thatz my nick and me a GSB too!


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