Sunday, May 3, 2009

Snooze Fest

Sunday! The Lord blessed us with this day! 7th day of the week.
*wipes tear*

Phew! Ive been soooo tired.... TIRED??? an understate-word.. I suppose.

Stupid engineering project.
I don't think I've been so tired since... *lost in thoughts*
*still thinking*
*yawns* *stretches* *realizes there is no space to sleep on her laptop amongst the crumbs and dust*

Actually I haven't worked this alarmingly much even in my 4-years of undergraduate education. :P

Need..... sleep.... now....good 12-hour sleep :)

Hence, my trusty 'ol cell-phone/door-bell/alarm/microwave/whatever-rings is undergoing hibernation for the weekend.

Cheerio folks!

P.S. :I HATE you Monday!!!!! :(


  1. He shoots and he scores! 9 minutes from blog publication! The crowds go wild! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr!!!

    Have a good Sunday Gkam! Alt+F12(Hibernate - some geek humour there)

  2. Ah! the sleeping sundays! Happy hibernation!

    "I hate mondays!"(Puss in Boots, Shrek2)

    Yaaawwwwwwn!your snoozes are contagious.Going to catch some shut eye! zzzzz.

  3. happy i wish god had blessed us with 6 days of sleeping and just 1 day of work...

  4. a month is too long gkam! come back!

  5. m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    :P bullshee my friend you have awoken me out of my slumber..

    i would so wish for that!

  6. psst! mon ami! next post plz. Are you hibernating 4 real? :D

  7. Heyy! I like the way you write! How did i not come across your blog earlier?

    Keep it coming!


  8. I guess Mondays hate us as much as we hate them!


So, Is your glass half empty or half full? ;)

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