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I'm coming clean.....
YES! I'm having an affair. So listen up.....

I cannot stay away from you. I really really need you now more than ever. You see, its the bond that we have for more than 20 years. How can you forget that? Okay, so it was me who moved away from you since I had to start a new phase in my life but then again its your fault that you entice me into your captivity all the time. I cannot help myself.

Be it the drive at Worli Sea Link, the catamaran ride near The Gateway of India, the evening frenzy at Juhu beach and the Chowpatty mania, the lush green view at Chhota Kashmir or the escapade at Essel World, I can always seem to recall all those beautiful moments with you. I still vividly reminisce the deliciously tempting Sardar Pav Bhaji, crisp goldenVada Pav, tasty Zunkha Bhakar, tangy Paanipuri, yummy Bhelpuri, or Bandra's Jays Sandwich that I so relished. The countless cutting chais, juice at Haji Ali Juice centre, Keema Pav at Stadium's, Martin's Goan fish curry or steaming Momos- I cannot tell which was most appetizing.

Damn! Why does being away from you drag me back in a BEST bus or Local Train ride to the nearest station. So what if you've changed your name?... I still see people calling with both your old and new names. Who can forget the time you suffered on 1993 blasts, the twin train blasts, 26/11 attack and 26/7 floods? I cannot. You were hurt and so was I. But, you came back strong alive and still kicking. All thanks to prayers sought at Siddhivinayak, Mahalakshmi, Haji Ali, Parsi Agiary and Mount Mary Church.

Year after year we rejoiced and celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, colorful Holi, holy Durga Puja,  joyous Mount Mary Bandra Fair, Koli Mahotsav, Nag Panchami, Gudi Padva, Id, Pateti, Onam and the splendour of Kala Ghoda Art Festival.
That doesn't mean that I adore the frequent water-cuts, roads in potholes, hawkers on foothpaths and flyovers that you have created. I still haven't come in terms to them.

Yet it is because of you that the Tatas, the Ambanis, the Jindals, the Mangeshkars are grateful and many those who aspire to become like them some day, come to you.
Be it Marine Drive, Film City or the Bandstand you have avid followers. The Khans, the Bachchans or the rest of the Bollywood are forever indebted to you and are nothing but mush without your spotlight.

I know it is not fair to love you too much. Like a million other people you have stolen my heart too.
But I'm adamant, my love affair with you will continue.
Be it Boston or Bostwana, Melbourne or Madras, Chennai or Chinchpokli....

I still love you MUMBAI. Always have and always will..... :)
I can NEVER say Goodbye.

Dear Navi Mumbai,
I love your pristine clean right-angled roads, adore your hawker free footpaths and cleaner and greener gardens.  Hey I'm sorry that I'm cheating on you. It might take me more than 20 years to love you like I love Mumbai ;)

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  1. YAY!! Way to go Gkam!!
    That makes two of us loving Mumbai!! :D
    You got it right, Mumbai rocks!! And only those who have lived here long enough will know the value of those places you have mentioned above in bold. ;) You rarely find these in any other city.
    So uniquely Mumbai!! :D

  2. very nice ,

    yeah we can really say goodbye to the spirit of Mumbai which always is the real synonym of a keep moving ..

    nice post ..loved the way you ... narrated whole Mumbai ..crisp n clear

  3. can't relate to it coz never been there, but i liked ur different take on the theme Gkam :)

    ATB for BATOM..

  4. Have been to Mumbai but for a very short visit.After reading this post, I really want to visit all these places that you've mentioned!
    A very different take on 'goodbye'. Liked it!

  5. Heyyyy Gkam
    so ur a pakka bombayite too?
    Even when I shifted from Mumbai to Pune some 8 years ago I couldn;t bring myself to say a decent goodbye to my mother city!
    All that you have listed in the post is JUST the life Ive enjoyed there too and I couldn't agree more with "I still love you MUMBAI. Always have and always will..... :)
    I can NEVER say Goodbye"
    Very very very creative post and you got my vote again purely becoz this is an ode to my lovely city!! :D

  6. Most creative! Like the way you've applied the topic to a place rather the more obvious person. All the best!

  7. hey very nostalgic filled post.. Loved the way u brought those places and delicacies that are so typical mumbai.. :)

    All the best for the batom..:)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. gkam,
    I read, re-read and re-re-read your post, visited most (if not all) of the places mentioned, tasted the tang of pani-puri, imagined the peace I find in my chosen Agiary, and felt the calm of Mount Mary at 2:25 AM. I realized that where-ever life may take me, I will eventually find my way back home, to Mumbai aka Bombay!

    Also, I loved the twist that you have taken on the theme!

    I have professed my love for the city differently in an old post :)

  10. never been to mumbai so don't know howz it? but u used the theme altogether in a unique way..
    nice :)n ATB to u too

  11. Lovely! I am yet to meet someone who has been in Mumbai and hasn't loved it. All the best for BATOM

  12. good one.. so many things brought out.. i sure guess there are many more.. atb for bat :)

  13. eeeee.... ur a mumbaiite :D
    and the post is awesome and yes i can completely agree to the fact that u can never truly say goodbye..
    but yaar.. navi mumbai ko kyu kos rahe ho :(
    i love navi mumbai too.. been 20+odd years here.. and love this part too :(
    ye naa insaafi hai u cant compare these 2 places :(

  14. Lovely post!! You must love Mumbai too much to write a post like that..very refreshing after reading so many sad poems on good-byes..and almost tempted to share this post on my blog on Mumbai if you permit me.heehe!! BTW, all the best!! :))

  15. a complete new ideology to the post...i loved it...

  16. @Rumya
    I'm glad that you share my views :)
    Mumbai is indeed unique.

    welcome to Pondering Perceptions
    Yes, I wonder if any other city and its people who has been affected by Bomb blasts one day has so much resilience to get up to the routine grind from the very next day.

  17. @Leo
    I wish you could come to Mumbai and experience it for yourself.
    And thanks!

    Warm welcome to my blog!
    Hope on your next visit you get to experience more of Mumbai's magic!

  18. @Vibhuti
    Firstly OWSUmness to know like me you are attached to Mumbai too! :)))
    *High Five* to that :D
    And thanks a mill, you have made my day! :)
    Will hop down ur blog very soon...

  19. @Ode Writer

    Thankyou sis! :)

    Thanks and glad that u liked it

  20. @Sushobhan
    Welcome to Pondering Perceptions!
    Ah nostalgia indeed! :)
    ATB to you too

    Soul Sistah!
    I'm so glad u thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Coz I loved that post of yours too... :)
    PS. I wanna take a trip around mumbai with you someday. Some places I have yet to visit ;)

  21. @megharana
    Welcome to Pondering Perceptions!
    Thanks and hope you could experience the fun in Mumbai some day :)

    Tell me about it. I agree!
    Welcome to my blog
    Will hop over to yours soon :)

  22. @vignesh
    Welcome to my blog!
    Yes there might be a never-ending list.
    ATB to u too

    hehehhe :P
    In my defence, I love some aspects of Navi Mumbai yaar. and i know how u feel. But, I guess I need more years to understand NM.
    Help me if u can :P
    And warm welcome to my Blog!

  23. @Pushpee
    Thank u!
    I'm glad u found my post refreshing.
    Sure you can share it on your blog but with due credit please :)
    ATB for BAT

    Thanks! I'm glad u liked it

  24. @ Gkam
    I love you_ Aamchi Mumbai!! Beautiful post! I loved the whole experience. Mumbai has been my fav. city and each and every thing that you have mentioned made me to go back to Mumbai and feel again all my childhood memories..! Memories with Mumbai!

    Beautiful Post!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  25. :D never been to Mumbai... but i have seen people very passionate abt the place :)
    I can feel you love for the city :)
    very different take on Goodbye... interesting read.

  26. Nice I love to be spelbound one day by Mumbai

  27. Beautiful words and wonderful scenery in this poem, wish I can stay in here forever!=D

  28. very partners sister lives in Goha....we will be going there next yeaer to visit and to Mumbai...thanks for this

  29. 生命的意義,是在於活的充實;而不是在於活得長久。......................................................

  30. a lovely tribute to the grand old lady - bombay!

  31. Bombay/mumbai - different take and you've done it by bringing forth the prominent flavors of the city - kudos for that. It's my very first time reading your blog. I think I'll come back for more.

  32. I'm not from Mumbai, still I liked your post. The post shows your love for your city.
    Anyway, all the best for BAT! :)

  33. can relate to it.I love this city,and there is no way I would ever want to leave it.
    I likey.!!
    all the best

  34. love your take on the topic. you definitely get attached to the place you have had so many experiences.

  35. What a topic,, Good good,, I love the way u love Mumbai.. :) ATB

  36. Love for the city is a strong one. I can relate to you but mine is Bangalore. Very well put across, good one!

  37. how i wish i could see mumbai soon...:)

    you depicted a very beautiful and colorful city rich in traditions n culture!

    ATB for BAT!

  38. Ah don't all of us feel the same way about our cities? The place where we were born and brought up...we can never say goodbye.
    All the best for BAT!

  39. mumbai!!!!.. i must agree its a magical city...anything can happen here...and well the food....i go to mumbai from pune on the weekends just for food!!!

  40. Hey Good one... I have generally observed one thing. Majority of those who have lived in Mumbai for long,especially those who are born and brought up there, have a very strong liking for the city, almost to the point of obsession. I have not seen so much passion for other cities. Must be something about the city of Mumbai.

  41. Aha....Mumbai...Nice nice..makes me want to visit it more often..:)
    All the best for BAT!

  42. lovely way to write.....
    i accept every one thing and more..
    i love mumbai!!

  43. I'd been to Mumbai in a really awful time-the monsoon season :P
    And yes your post mad me hungry, the 2nd para dealing with the mouth-watering delicacies! :) Looking forward to meeting the Mumbai you so love..
    Good luck fr BAT13! :)

  44. 人不能像動物一樣活著,而應該追求知識和美德............................................................

  45. What a way to express your thoughts about Mumbai, I loved it. Great one...

    Yours Frendly,
    Someone Is Special

  46. i am not a mumbai-ite but yes I love my city too... so everything that u said about Mumbai, made sense to me... very very well written... although am not from Mumbai, the whole article got a huge smile on my face... all the best for BAT!

  47. Truly amazing post! you gave a completely different meaning to Goodbye! Unique!

    I have worked in Mumbai for 6 long years and stayed in Navi Mumbai for 11 years :) and I second your thoughts about Mumbai!
    However, i equally love Navi Mumbai...its been my home all through my 20s :) and i still remember trekking up to Pandavgada waterfalls and a serene walk along the hills in Kharghar :)

    All the best for BAT!!!

  48. Once a mumbaikar - always a mubaikar! Quite a refreshing take on the topic.Very well done. Having been a Mumbaikar myself before,it just took me down memory lane.

  49. With the frst para, u did take me on a ride, bt realized fast tht its not some guy bt mumbai :p
    cool post thr, expressing all the splended colours of Mumbai beautifully.. ATB :)

  50. wuu huu, finally found someone who shares my passion of mumbai!!!

  51. Simply wow!! :)) It took me down the memory lane... Thank you!
    All the places, the vada pavs and bhel, BEST and local trains... Mumbai is so multi-faceted and this post has touched the city's soul!!
    All the best for BAT-13.
    Cheers :)

  52. I'm sure no one can get over Bbay ! even if they spend only a weeks :)

  53. Cheers! I love this post! I have memories shared with Mumbai. The most painful moments of my life have been shared with this city. Mumbai fostered me in my deepest agonizing moments. Perhaps, that is why I love Mumbai! Where there is pain, there is a love hidden somewhere.
    All the best!

  54. @all thanks very much!
    Muchos Muchos gracias!!

    I'm glad to know that my post made some of you salivate and took some of you nostalgic.

    Do keep visiting my blog..


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