Sunday, August 3, 2014


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No matter how, no matter why, its never too late to apologise.

Sorry for the time I broke your glasses while jumping on the sofa.
Sorry for stealing your makeup and putting the blame on bro
Sorry for sneaking out behind your back to my bestie's place
Sorry for yelling at you when you gave me a peck on the cheek in front of my friends
Sorry for lying to you about bunking college when I was at a friend's place
Sorry for ruining your favourite white embroidered kurta while ironing it.
Sorry for not listening to you when you had warned me to carry an umbrella
Sorry for getting drenched in the rains against your warning and then getting the flu
Sorry for making you worry when I didn't answer your 7 missed calls
Sorry for not calling you back even when I was free from work
Sorry for making you stay up late when I returned home well past midnight from my fresher's party
Sorry for snapping at you when you called me in the middle of a meeting just to ask me if I was OK
Sorry for making fun of the way you pronounce certain words
Sorry for being stubborn countless times for no reason at all
Sorry for making you cry on my wedding day
Sorry for making you miss me
Sorry for not loving you enough

It wont suffice, this apology of mine. For I might not COMPLETELY realise how important you are to me. Maybe only the time when I become a MOTHER.

Thanks Mom, for everything. I love you!

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  1. Hai Gauri :)

    Well, this is such a great list. Because it contains all that most of us have done as a child :)
    And Moms, they love us without any of our apologies , don't they ?
    Loved the way you built this up!
    All the best for BAT :)
    (Update your participation count XX as 01 or 02, as the case may be :) )

    1. Thanks Sreeja! Welcome to my Blog, and keep visiting :)
      Oh thanks for bringing it to my notice, will update the same :)

  2. I should really copy paste most of this and send it to my mom too...I really owe her a huge apology...

    1. Hi Adarsh, Welcome to my blog :)
      Absotively you could. Cheers!

  3. we don't have words to thank our mothers, I have written these two lines for my mother for her value in my life,

    तुझे क्या दूँ तूने तो सब कुछ दिया है,
    तेरे बाद अब मैने ख़ुदा को रख दिया है।

    Letter Of Apology

    1. Hi Cifar, Welcome to my blog :)
      Really liked the lines you wrote. ATB for BAT48

  4. Wow Really loved this. Really hard to thank Mothers for what they do for us. :)

    1. Thank you Jaibala. Welcome to my blog, keep visiting :)

  5. The perfect list... Did you show it to your mother? You should.

    1. Thank you Nimi. Welcome to my blog, keep visiting :)
      Oh yes I will :)

  6. You missed one thing from the list.....Sorry for writing this....For mothers don't like their daughters\sons to feel sorry & mention it :-). I liked the post. Here is my entry, Love, Apology, Death & Wedding

    1. I think if the 'sorry' comes with maturity and happiness, the mothers love to be finally appreciated after years of toil and sacrifice :)

    2. Hi Pavil, Welcome to my blog, keep visiting :)
      Partly true, but then again mothers' know their children inside out and they definitely know when we're about to apologize.

      @Nimi Agree :)

  7. We just cant thank her enough for what they do for us. An honest list :)

    1. Thank you Ash. Welcome to my blog, keep visiting :)

  8. Hmm.. the list seems to be never ending! However, Mother will always forgive.

  9. :) Nice list.

    Reminded me of Akon's "Sorry, Blame it on me" song.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Peace, and cheers,


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